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Midsize SUV Buying Guide

midsize suv
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midsize suvTo be able to careen the streets is a privilege, but buying a great car is a choice. This is why it is very important to create a criteria whenever thinking of buying an automobile. Still, there are so many ways how one can buy a dream vehicle even if the budget has some constraints. Among these are buying used cars and/or searching for financing firms and banks. One of the many challenges though is to be able to choose from the continually growing numbers of automobiles in the market today. For single or family use, beauty and practical functionalities, the midsize Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a great ride to take into consideration.

Midsize SUV vs. full-size SUV

Just when you think there are so many different types and styles of automobiles, each model is still differentiated by construction. One of the best examples on this is the SUV. There are full and midsize SUVs which basically differ in wheelbase length and platform size. These days, the world’s best in full size is still Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia, and Chevy Suburban and Tahoe. In midsize, the 2016 Ford Explorer is a promising choice to include with 2015 Chevrolet Traverse, 2015 GMC Acadia, 2015 Honda Pilot and new 2015 Toyota Highlander. Each has its set of features that owners would love.

Two vs. three-row seats

Although midsize SUVs are shorter in wheelbase, these vehicles can still seat more than a normal small passenger ride. In fact, there are two types of midsize SUVs in terms of seating construction. There are two rows seats and there are three rows. A good criteria to use on this one is the need for more or less. If this is going to be a family automobile than a business transport then it is best to get the one with more seats. It is also a good thing to look for a midsize SUV that offers knockdown seats for functionality and practical reasons.

Used vs. new midsize SUVs

One can own a regular midsize SUV at around $30,000. The top cars on this category are usually priced at $40,000 and the average sits well at around $32,000. These vehicles usually sports V6 or V8 engines and maybe turbocharged and very functional in all-wheel drive. The better news is that there are mint used midsize SUVs too, which is definitely priced well below the figures above. Some two to three years old used SUVs are priced less than 20 percent from original price tags. Others so much less. If budget is a problem, then buying used midsize SUV is never a bad thing. It is more practical but may present a hit or miss situation. Just choose from less than ten years old ones and you’d be good.

New or used, midsize SUVs are definitely great choice. It is useful, elegant looking and bigger than the regular passenger cars, making it the best choice for transport and mobility uses either by the family or business. If you’re looking for quality used SUVs in Portland then we recommend Hertz Used Car Sales

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